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I'm in North Korea?
  SugoGosu, Sep 21 2012

News to me, but Hero Poker likes to think so...

Moved to South Korea, pretty awesome here! Trying to get Pokerstars to change my location, but I haven't been billed for anything yet (next month I'll get my first bill).

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Ambient Music #10
  SugoGosu, May 31 2011

Long time overdue, for those Americans who can't gamble on any large site anymore and are stuck with merge and cake poker, may these tracks lighten your mood.

I have been staked for Merge (NL4/NL10 T_T) since I had trouble depositing. breakeven so far but the past 4 days i'm up 18 buyins after rakeback. hopefully this trend will last longer and i can be back to NL50 and take shots at NL100 soon.

I took this picture.

So let's get to the music!

1) It May Never End
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2) Sleep Dealer
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3) The End Of The Ocean
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4) Lights At Sea
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5) Epigram
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6) Kaneda
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7) Glittering Blackness, Fall
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8) Oracles Always Lie
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9) Dawn Chorus Ignites
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10) Loss of a Child
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Previous Ambient Music Lists:
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Looking for $30 on paypal
  SugoGosu, Feb 27 2011

I'm looking for $30 on paypal to continue my subscription to leggopoker. I can trade money on FTP.

I have lots of previous trades from a few dollars to a couple hundred on here. So I'll send first if you're reputable on here. If I don't know you then you send first.

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